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Fan-Fiction-Tastic News #10

Wed Jul 2, 2014, 4:21 PM by SingingFlames:iconsingingflames:

Hello all! Welcome to the tenth edition of my Fan-Fiction-Tastic News!

Please remember, I'm always available for you to contact with anything you need, be it community questions or thoughts, or any help I can provide! Feel free to note me, reply here or leave a comment on my profile. I love hearing from you guys!  

June Daily Deviations

Please keep sending those notes. I love receiving your DD suggestions! (Yes, self-suggestions too!)
HelwaynehLambert sat at his desk, delicately touching the picture in his hands and feeling that already all too familiar ache in his heart. It had been two weeks since his daughter had been born, the little princess he had anxiously awaited nine long months for, and he still had yet to touch her. He just couldn’t bring himself to. The nation was still celebrating the birth of the princess and mourning the loss of the queen, but he could only mourn. They were supposed to raise a family together, share life’s ups and downs, and then one day grow old together. Instead, he was alone.
Well, not quite. He thought bitterly to himself. You have a daughter now. You’re a dad, and you need to act like it.
But he couldn’t. He felt nothing but pain.  He stared at the picture of him and his wife a little longer. It was from before they were married; the night he became king and they had their first dance together. He thought he could never love her more than that m
Inuyasha Fanfiction - Letting GoTitle: Letting Go
Words: 591 (flashfic)
Disclaimer: You know the drill. No own IY.
Pairings: none - OCs: none
Rating: G - Genre: Introspection
Warnings: none
Continuity: Manga. Post series
Summary: Sesshoumaru has gone to throw away his attachment to his father.
The cold breath of the afterlife sighs through the portal. Cool light comes with it, almost blinding, but Sesshoumaru's nose tells him more than his eyes ever could; the scent of the dead land is changeless dust. He can picture it without having to set a foot beyond these gates again, a single eternal day in a barren landscape of skeletons. A place of conclusion.
He resheathes Tenseiga and holds it in his reborn left hand, ready to let it go. The warmth of the simple scabbard feels somehow to resonate with the light of the doorway, two expressions of the same power. It is clear to which world this sword truly belongs.
Nothing of any consequence will happen if

June Weekly Features

Every week, I feature a new fan fiction story on my profile page. Drop by and check them out!
Let It Rot“Please do not give it to me,” Nerdanel said. “Please, Arafinwë. I do not want it.”
“But it was your husband’s home,” he replied.
She shook her head. “And your father’s last home and where he died, but I don’t see you using it as the summer vacation spot for the royal household. I do not want it. Let it sit and the furnishings rot and ivory grow over the walls until no one can see Formenos anymore for the trees. I do not care.”
“You say that, but two hundred years from now, when you realize that Makalaurë’s last composition on these shores was left in his bedroom, or the Ambarussa’s practice bow in the hallway, what then? What will you think?”
“I already went back once for you, because you said it was unsuitable for the High-King of the Noldor in Valinor to go looking through the betrayer’s household like a common servant, even if he was the betrayer’s half-brother, the
The Night Is BurningOh, misty eye of the mountain below
Keep careful watch of my brothers' souls
And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke
Keep watching over Durin's sons
Starscream watched as his beloved city burnt to the ground.
The Seekers. His Seekers. They were dying, screaming as they're home was incinerated.
He let out a sharp hiss and clenched his fists. How could it have come to this?
If this is to end in fire
Then we should all burn together
Watch the flames climb high into the night
One of Vos's prided towers began to slowly collapse to the ground, it's supports giving away.
Hysterical flyers fled and screams of agony filled the night, as wings were crushed under the fiery hail.
Calling out father oh
Stand by and we will
Watch the flames burn auburn on
The mountain side high
Starscream took off, hovering over his burning city.
Save them.
He had to. He had to.
StandingContinuity: IDW Transformers
Pairings: None
Rating: PG - There is nothing overly bad, but IDW is a fairly gory continuity and because of that I'm not going to mark it G.
‘Do you realize where you’re standing, Maximus?’
The question skated unbidden through the frozen warden’s brain module —as it so often had since he had first yelled those accursed words at the Decepticons at Delphi— just as Red Alert began to flail his arms wildly in an attempt to capture Max’s attention.
“Maximus, can you hear me? You’re standing in my way! I have to get back to doing my rounds!” the security director said.
Maximus grunted. His thoughts cracked and he found himself crashing back into reality; was it just his imagination, or was it chilly in here? He felt as if he had been locked in place by frigid fingers wrapped around his frame. Or maybe the source of the cold was the annoyed look that Red Alert was giving him. I
I'm Not Worth ItI'm Not Worth It:
What was probably only minutes seemed to stretch on into hours. Time slowed down around the young girl, standing behind bars. The way she'd come to be there was a twisted and dark story, one she herself couldn't quite believe. Tears came to her eyes as she thought about it.
What should've been the night; the one night she succeeded in making her father proud of her, became the most nightmarish day of her life. Not only had she been locked up by her own father, she'd found out he wasn't even her father at all.
Oroku Saki. A liar. Maybe she should've seen it coming. He was intent on revenge, after all. But...she'd always thought that he wanted to kill Hamato Yoshi because Yoshi had so-called killed Tang Shen, a woman they both loved. When the girl was young, she had liked to think Saki had also wanted to kill Yoshi because Yoshi had put his daughter in danger.
But no. It was all a lie. She sat down against the cold, hard wall, blinking back those


July Literature NewsletterHello again! Yes, it's that time again—the start-of-a-new-month blogfest. While we're not doing any big projects, Flash Fiction Month is underway over at Flash-Fic-Month ! For the not-so-flash-inclined, Camp NaNo is always an option. And, er, we'll have something for you poets and scriptwriters soon-like.
In the meantime, check out our book club—now with fabulous prizes! —and get ready for Project Educate: Lit Basics Week (that's right, all literature) at the end of this month.
Blogs from CRLiterature
Love dA Lit - issues 173, 174, 175Project Educate Sign UpsJuly Book Club: The Thief LordJune Literature DD Roundup
Writing Exercises and Contests
BeACritic -
July is going to be the best month ever.June is, like, so over.
July is coming.
               July is going to be awesome.
                            July is going to be better than awesome because...
Flash freaking fudging Fiction flaming Month is only here again

Are you ready?
:bulletblue: What is Flash Fiction Month?
Remember how your mother told you never to flash your fiction in public? Well, Flash Fiction Month is different.  It's a month-long challenge to write a single piece of flash fiction every day in the month of July. We can also pretty much guarantee you'll have a good time, meet new people, and learn some stuff.  We'll hit you up with some brilliant unusual prompts, tricksy (optional) extra challenges, and bonker
<da:thumb id="464708844"/> June Fan Fiction Contest WinnersThis month, in our Second Person POV Contest, we had nineteen entries! Thank you all for the excellent turnout, the highest yet for one of my monthly contests! Your participation and interest (and you wonderful stories, of course) brighten my DeviantArt day. I'm eager to see what my fellow fan fiction authors will come up with for next month's contest.
As with previous months, the entries were superb. It was very difficult (as always) choosing just a few but, alas, there could only be three winners. Congratulations to the winners!
Honorable Mention

Third Place
250 Points Prize

Second Place
500 Points Prize

First Place
1000 Points Prize




:iconliteraryfanfiction: Come join us for quality fan fiction and weekly flash fan fiction prompts!

:iconmental-health: This group is about AWARENESS of mental health concerns that impact the deviantART community and EMPOWERMENT for all people, regardless of whether or not they live with mental illness.


Last month, I asked, "What would you like to see happen in/for deviantART's Fan Fiction gallery and community?"

Here are your replies:

The dreamer in me wants a separate Fan Fiction > Poetry category, but I realize what a logistical nightmare that would be to sort out. I think we need a Fan Fiction > Scripts and possibly a Fan Fiction > Interactive category much more, so it's easier for haters (and those of us who simply don't want to read it) to get away from script-format dialog pieces and Steve Rogers staring into our (e/c) eyes while running his fingers through our (h/c) hair.


I second the request for the poetry section! ^^ And I'd love a flash fiction section ^^" But I gather these are probably on the way:… :w00t:


I think what I wanted to see happen the most already has, since we're under lit now.

I'm not sure what else, at least for the overall community. I have such a hard time thinking of anything, because there are so many different fandoms within it that I'm sure any suggestion I could come up with that hasn't already been discussed in other comments would end up hurting some other fandom. :P Maybe some cheat sheets to understanding the intricacies of other fandoms and why certain things seem popular? Like "Here's what's controversial in ____ fandom, here's what's generally accepted, here's the generally agreed upon (or not agreed upon) canon".


It would be so awesome to have a poetry gallery under fan fiction, it feels weird putting those sorts of poem in the general poetry gallery.

New discussion topic!

As Fan Fiction CV, is there anything you'd like to me to do more of or less of (perhaps, at all)? What can I do for you, as your Community Volunteer?

Have any news, groups or contests you want me to feature? Comment below and I'll include it next month!


Community, Respect, Excellence, Artists, Trust, Empower.


An archive for well-written and meaningful fan fiction. New Flash Fan Fiction prompt weekly.

Community Groups

:iconcrliterature: :iconcommunityrelations:

The tenth edition of my Fan-Fiction-Tastic News!
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