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Transformers: Tarnished IdolsTitle: Transformers: Tarnished Idols
Universe: G1
Pairings: None
Rating: G
Warnings: Mild Angst, Claustrophobia
Author's Note: Time doesn’t heal all wounds. Some wounds fester. Time conversion – vorn: 83 years.
“I swear I will kill Rumble,” Starscream said, mouth twisted into a fierce grimace.
Dust filled the room, blinding his optics and clogging his vents. He forced several quick bursts of air through them. Perhaps he could clear the overworked mechanisms. It didn’t work. As soon as he hacked some out, more dust flowed in. Now he resembled some sort of pathetic organic thing, clearing its respiratory organs. He cursed quietly. At least his vocals weren’t tied intrinsically to his vents, like some fleshling.
Warnings on his HUD display pinged as his internal temperature slowly started climbing and his vents failed to compensate. Nothing serious. Yet. He planned to be long gone before the dust and heat buildup caused any permanen
TF: Entomophobia - Halloween TradeTitle: Entomophobia
Pairings: None
Rating: PG
Warnings: Disturbing imagery
Author's Note: This is my submission for the TF-SecretSanta Halloween Trade for xDeadlyxxxDesirex. This is a Halloween story, so I tried for scary. It's not as lighthearted as my normal fics, although it has its humorous moments (I couldn't help myself). I pulled on two personal fears of mine when I wrote this, to try and add some real creepiness to it. I hope it works. Time conversions: Klik 1.2 minutes, Nanoklik approximately 1 second. Comm transmissions are marked with colons – ::like this.::
The Rust Sea spread across Cybertron's equator, an immense red scar across its surface. Erratic pillars twisted into the sky. Corrosive gasses bled from the ground, slowly eating the land away, turning everything to an endless expanse of rust. Across the ground, miniature hills rose and fell, forming 'waves' that traveled as far as the optic could see.
Numerous Cybertronian artists tried to duplicate the Rust Sea in

A Conversation and a CorpseTitle: A Conversation and a Corpse
Universes (Crossover): Batman and Neil Gaiman's Sandman
Pairings: None
Rating: PG (to be safe)
Warnings: Angst, a corpse
Author's Note: Batman's natural desire to help has unforeseen consequences. This is my entry for the Crossover Contest, and my first crossover.
The copse lay amidst the alley clutter, unmoving, while the first spots of rain splattered on his Armani suit. The night buried him in shadows, the distant streetlights barely illuminating him. Thin rivulets of blood, black in the weak light, pasted down a few graying tufts of hair. His head bent backwards at an angle no living person could achieve. Knowing the futility of it, Batman still reached over and checked for a pulse.  
Looking at the dead never got any easier. It was ugly, no matter how peaceful the passing may have been. Yet still, Batman crouched besides the unmoving form, gently closing the man's eyes. The rain pattered against his hood and cape while he stood his silent vi
TF: Old Soldier FIRST DRAFT Contest EntryTitle: Transformers: Old Soldier FIRST DRAFT Contest Entry
Universe: G1 (Pre-Earth)
Pairings: None
Rating: PG
Warnings: Violence, Non-canon character death
Author's Note: This is my (mostly) unedited first draft. The contest specified minimal editing, which was extremely difficult for me. While I don't think this is bad, it's not as refined as I'd normally post. In fact, there are two details which need work/editing. Hopefully, they're not as obvious to others as they are to me (since I'm super critical of my own work).
Smoke hung heavy over Praxus, obscuring optics and clogging vents. Here, the once proud city-state stood cracked and charred, covered in ash. The glorious crystals of the Helix Gardens, the pinnacle of Cybertronian art and beauty, lay shattered. Many of the civilians were gone, long since fled or dead. Those that remained had abandoned their civilian ways, forced into more militaristic roles.
Raising above the surrounding ruins, th

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Topsy Turvy Contest Winners

Thu Apr 17, 2014, 10:23 AM

We had some superb entries for the Topsy Turvy Contest! I would like to take a moment to congratulate everyone who participated on their truly entertaining and wonderful entries. I loved seeing your unique interpretations on the prompt. There were touching entries, funny entries, and intense ones too! You all did a fantastic job! clap remake 1b 

It was incredibly hard to narrow it down to a mere three choices. Everyone, please give a huge "Congratulations!" to our winners!

Honorable Mention


Games (Transformers)
A "Shattered Glass"-esque Transformers One-Shot
For the Topsy Turvy Contest
Word Count: 1000
    The light from Cybertron’s setting sun harshly reflected off the shattered pieces of glass that littered the streets of the once prosperous city. The towers that had reached towards the very atmosphere of the planet were now nothing but stumps of their former glory, crumbling from the lack of care they had suffered from. The streets served as a maze now that their debris had been dashed upon them, and the air in the city felt all but dead.  
    This had once been the sight of one of Cybertron’s most influential cities—Iacon.  Its population had boasted some of the greatest minds on the planet, ranging from the fields of science to literature. The region's ruling body of government had been stationed here, guiding the city on the prosperous path it had been taki

Third Place

Prize - 250 Points 

The Case Book of Mrs. HudsonMrs. Hudson put aside her newspaper and watched as Miss Morstan crossed gracefully to the mantelpiece. She was wearing grey today, with a touch of blue at the neck bringing out the colour of her large, sympathetic eyes. Mrs. Hudson’s friend and colleague truly was a picture of sensitivity and refinement.
Until she tripped over the bearskin rug.
“Damn and blast the wretched thing!”
Mrs. Hudson winced. “My dear, do try and remember to moderate your language.”
Miss Morstan grinned. “There are no clients here to be shocked.” She continued to the mantelpiece and selected a cigar.
“But we are not alone in the house,” said Mrs. Hudson. “Our landlords may come in at any time.”
Perfectly on cue, Mr. Holmes entered with the tea tray.
Miss Morstan hid her smile by bending to light the cigar. Mrs. Hudson frowned at her and turned to Holmes.
“Thank you,” she said, as he placed the tray on the table beside her chair. She p

Second Place

Prize - 500 Points 

Thieves in the Night (Transformers: Rescue Bots)He found himself staring at his ceiling instead of Blossom Vale.
It wasn't like him to snap out of a good dream, so he lay there, still, listening. Sure enough, he heard a telltale clank, a shuffle, downstairs. Thieves in the night.
He continued to lay there, stomach seizing, muscles tensing against his will. Someone had broken into his home. Who knew what the intruder or intruders might want? Artwork? Electronics? Valuables? Perhaps they wanted him. Maybe they meant to steal away his life, his propensity for getting in the way of generations of evil men.
That idea incensed him. He shuddered to think that his ancient enemy’s descendents might finally snuff out over a century of progress. Worse still, he had yet to vet Evan and Myles as his successors, yet to create them Griffin Rock’s new eternal protectors. He couldn't die yet; not tonight.
He sat up, slowly, carefully, eager to keep the springs in his bed from creaking. He cursed his sentimentality. His little reminders o

And ... drum roll please ... :drumroll: 

First Place

Prize - 1000 Points 

Turned Tables
Raphael stood outside his brother’s bedroom door with his hand around the handle. It was his turn to try and he paused a few moments to steady himself and make a game plan before entering. He closed his eyes and remembered how angry and lost Leo had looked when he had  tried last week, and how deflated Mikey had been since his attempt yesterday. Raph wasn’t sure he could do any better, but he had to try. The longer this persisted the more it twisted and warped his whole family and he couldn’t let that go on.  You can do this, patient and optimistic, Raph thought, taking a deep breath. Forcing the corners of his beak upward into a rare smile, he turned the handle, flung the door open and strode in. 
“Rise and shine, Donnie-boy!” he announced. 
The words sounded so strange as they fell awkwardly from his tongue. It was unnatural for him to be so chipper, that was more Mike’s gig, but


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 Thank you for your entries!

Topsy Turvy Contest entry - Sword Art OnlineIn the world of Sword Art Online, a virtual reality MMO, two young swordsmen are making their way through the fourth level of the tower. The sound of their ceaseless bickering rose from deep within the catacombs of their current arena and could be heard well outside where passersby could stop and listen.
“Argh! Kirito, you suck so hard at this game!”
“Shuddap, damn. It’s not like I asked you to party up with me in the first place. I told you: it takes me a while to get the hang of it, but once I do, I’m good to go!”
“Whatever. Jeez, even newbs who just plugged in aren’t this bad. And you said you wanted to kill those players earlier and take all of their loot. Hah! We were lucky to get out of that alive, thanks to my quick thinking in pulling us over to the side to pretend like we were making out.”
Kirito blinked in confusion, “We were pretending, Asuna? What was I kissing then?”
“My hand. Ugh, like I’d let t
  Detrimental Cause
This is like a mirror-verse, but is not related to Shattered Glass in any way.
Optimus Prime, leader of the merciless Autobots, was scowling stonily at his nemesis.
Jazz didn't want to know what his Lord was thinking, or interrupt his disdainful observations, but the Autobots needed energon and Optimus had forbidden anyone from stealing any without his express permission.
"My Lord." Optimus didn't grace Jazz with a look, instead choosing to focus on the miserable display before him.
"What?" He snapped, in no mood for anything his inferior soldiers could possibly need him to do.
Jazz hesitated, not sure he should continue considering his Lord's mood.
Now Optimus did turn to look down at him, taking advantage of his height to loom well over Jazz. "What is it, Jazz?"
"Well," Jazz barely managed to resist fidgeting under his Lord's intense stare, knowing how much such habits were despised, "we ‒the Autobots, I mean– need more energon, and I was wondering if w
  The Good Meets Evil"Sir, your Topsy-Turvy-Inator is ready." shouted Norm.
Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz was still reading the newspaper while waiting patiently for his latest invention, the Topsy-Turvy-Inator, which is actually a Turn-Evil-Inator in disguise, to load fully, which actually took two hours. "Thanks for reminding me, Norm. Should I tell all about this inator to you?"
"Tell it your little platypus friend."
"Fine," he muttered. He stood up from his chair, closed the newspaper, and set it on the coffee table. While walking to his inator, he thought to himself, "Why can't I tell the whole thing to Norm? I don't want Perry the Platypus to know! But Perry the Platypus is my nemesis, and I told him all about my inators from the beginning of the summer."
Perry was already ready to fight the evil scientist. Now all he needed to do was to find a way out of the unbreakable trap his archnemesis had set up for him.
"Now, Perry the Platypus," Doofenshmirtz said as he was about to demonstrate his plan, "this Top
  Topsy Turvy Fan FictionMister Topsy Turvy was out for a Sunday stroll, when a gust of wind knocked off his bowler hat. He caught it in time, and he set it on his head. But when he did, something felt off. The dome of the hat was now pointing up! He stood frozen for a moment in confusion, then he went on with his stroll.
On the sidewalk, there were some steps as he was in a steep part of town. And at the top of those steps, he saw Mister Quiet and Miss Daredevil. Mister Quiet was laughing like an evil mastermind, teasing Miss Daredevil by daring her to grind down the handrail by standing on it. She quaked and whimpered. Mister Topsy Turvy boomed, "What's going on?" Mister Quiet scoffed, "I don't think she's quite herself today." After a pause, he quipped, "Then again, I don't think I am quite myself, myself."
Mister Topsy Turvy continued, going down the steps. It was only when he realized he had to walk forward to see where he was going did it hit him. "Hey," he thought out loud, "Today m
  Topsy Turvy Contest - Prime's Bad DayTopsy Turvy Contest - Optimus Prime's Bad Bay
'Enough!' Optimus Prime slammed his hands on Teletraan-One's console, causing the computer to short circuit and black out.
Bumblebee was forced to take a step back. He'd never seen Prime like this before and he swore he could see steam escaping from his leader's concealing faceplate. He wasn't alone in his shock as Jazz, Wheeljack and Ratchet looked to each other, unsure of how to handle the situation.
'I don't ask for much. All I'm asking for is one day, ONE, when we don't have to deal with fuel shortages or parts shortages or test after test of Wheeljack's self-destruction weapons, or -'
'In Wheeljack's defence, Prime,' Ratchet began. 'He's-'
'Don't you start!' Prime addressed the medic. 'He blows up something, you sweep it under the base somewhere until it either burns or explodes.'
'That's very unfair, Prime.'
'Oh yeah? The fabulous Dinobot project. That worked a treat, didn't it?'
'It has its rough edges.' Ratchet apologised.

Bonus Trivia

I asked participants to name my favorite Hunchback of Notre Dame character. The correct answer is: Clopin!

Clopin Screen Cap by SingingFlames

Why? Because he's fun! :shuffelin: 

Congratulations to LazyBrownEyes and LeaderPinhead! They each guessed correctly! The prize is 300 Points to be split between the winners, so each one will receive 150 Points!

Prizes will be sent out soon! The Bonus Trivia prizes come straight from me and should arrive soon(ish). The other prizes are courtesy of communityrelations and may take a bit longer.

Thank you, everyone!

Keep your eyes open! I plan on doing more of these short contests in the near future! :fellaeyes: 


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You know, I'm all about watching you for the incredible quality of your art. I mean, you made me cry over Starscream. I hate Starscream! You can do just about anything you put your mind to as a writer. You can nail Optimus' voice, you can make me care about settings I've never even read before, and you can make me want to like shows I can't stand. 

But that's not what's really incredible about you. I have have been having just a terrible time lately, and even though you're up to your neck in busy, you've been one of the most patient, accommodating, understanding friends I've had through all of this. I don't know where I'd be if you hadn't been there for me lately, and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it, and what a great friend you are. Is there anything you can't do?
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I have to say, learning that I affected a Starscream hater so strongly with one of my Starscream-centric stories has always been one of my prouder achievements. :D
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Aww, thanks, all around.

And yeah, darn you. :p
SingingFlames 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the DD, I'm beyond shocked but very grateful. Love 
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My pleasure! It's beautifully written and very moving. I loved it. :happybounce:
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