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Supernatural: A Good LadTitle: Supernatural: A Good Lad
Pairings: None
Rating: PG
Warnings: Bullying, Threat to a minor, Implied threat to a minor, Minor violence, Implied violence
Author's Note: I'm going to be super vague here, as I don't want to spoil which Supernatural character(s) I'm writing about. I started pondering how events could shape a person and, eventually, this little plot-bunny emerged. It's not my typical humor piece – in fact, it's rather dark – but I like it.
Teeth bared, the scrap of a pup growled and tugged at the twig. Holding the other end, a young boy – no more than five or six years in age – laughed at the young mutt's antics. Its feet slipped forward in the mud as the child gave the stick a playful jerk. Moisture and muck seeped through his linen breeches and long coat, unheeded by the boy and adding another layer of stains to the fraying clothes.
Life in the burgh continued heedless of the pair. The thick scent of dung mixed with warm flavors wafting from th
TF: Entomophobia - Halloween TradeTitle: Entomophobia
Pairings: None
Rating: PG
Warnings: Disturbing imagery
Author's Note: This is my submission for the TF-SecretSanta Halloween Trade for xDeadlyxxxDesirex. This is a Halloween story, so I tried for scary. It's not as lighthearted as my normal fics, although it has its humorous moments (I couldn't help myself). I pulled on two personal fears of mine when I wrote this, to try and add some real creepiness to it. I hope it works. Time conversions: Klik 1.2 minutes, Nanoklik approximately 1 second. Comm transmissions are marked with colons – ::like this.::
The Rust Sea spread across Cybertron's equator, an immense red scar across its surface. Erratic pillars twisted into the sky. Corrosive gasses bled from the ground, slowly eating the land away, turning everything to an endless expanse of rust. Across the ground, miniature hills rose and fell, forming 'waves' that traveled as far as the optic could see.
Numerous Cybertronian artists tried to duplicate the Rust Sea in

My Featured Fanfics

Supernatural: In the EndTime Frame: Alternate Universe - Some point in the future.
Pairings: None
Rating: PG
Warning: Angst, Impending Major Character Death, AU
A/N: With his final hours ticking away, Crowley has three last conversations. This is for @nichelle-my-belle’s (on Tumblr) Angst Challenge, with the prompt, “You can’t sell dreams to someone who has walked through nightmares”.
“This’ll just take a moment,” Sam said, eyes intent on the equipment he carried. He placed a needle and IV, attached to an empty blood bag, on the bare metal table. He dug a few gauze pads and sterile wipes out of his pocket.
“Sod. Off.” Crowley shifted as best he could. Those trice-damned cuffs, empowered with demonic warding, bound his wrists and ankles to the chair. A leather collar, also warded, encircled his throat, a thick chain connecting to the seat. Crowley enjoyed a bit of bondage - he was a demon - but not here, held prisoner in the Winchesters’ pri
Transformers: Tarnished IdolsTitle: Transformers: Tarnished Idols
Universe: G1
Pairings: None
Rating: G
Warnings: Mild Angst, Claustrophobia
Author's Note: Time doesn’t heal all wounds. Some wounds fester. Time conversion – vorn: 83 years.
“I swear I will kill Rumble,” Starscream said, mouth twisted into a fierce grimace.
Dust filled the room, blinding his optics and clogging his vents. He forced several quick bursts of air through them. Perhaps he could clear the overworked mechanisms. It didn’t work. As soon as he hacked some out, more dust flowed in. Now he resembled some sort of pathetic organic thing, clearing its respiratory organs. He cursed quietly. At least his vocals weren’t tied intrinsically to his vents, like some fleshling.
Warnings on his HUD display pinged as his internal temperature slowly started climbing and his vents failed to compensate. Nothing serious. Yet. He planned to be long gone before the dust and heat buildup caused any permanen
A Conversation and a CorpseTitle: A Conversation and a Corpse
Universes (Crossover): Batman and Neil Gaiman's Sandman
Pairings: None
Rating: PG (to be safe)
Warnings: Angst, a corpse
Author's Note: Batman's natural desire to help has unforeseen consequences. This is my entry for the Crossover Contest, and my first crossover.
The copse lay amidst the alley clutter, unmoving, while the first spots of rain splattered on his Armani suit. The night buried him in shadows, the distant streetlights barely illuminating him. Thin rivulets of blood, black in the weak light, pasted down a few graying tufts of hair. His head bent backwards at an angle no living person could achieve. Knowing the futility of it, Batman still reached over and checked for a pulse.  
Looking at the dead never got any easier. It was ugly, no matter how peaceful the passing may have been. Yet still, Batman crouched besides the unmoving form, gently closing the man's eyes. The rain pattered against his hood and cape while he stood his silent vi
Supernatural: Of Ants and AngelsTitle: Supernatural: Of Ants and Angels
Timeframe: During Season 7, Episode 23 “Survival of the Fittest”
Pairings: None
Rating: G
Warnings: SPOILERS – Season 7
Author's Note: Two of my favorite Supernatural characters have a chat. I love these two and I really wanted to do a scene with them. Refresher (and SPOILERS for Season 7): this occurs when Cas is still crazy, Crowley has recently discovered Cas is alive, he still wishes vengeance for Cas' betrayal, and has decided that Cas would be too easy to kill as he is now and that the boys need him to take on the Leviathans.
Scores of miniscule insects scurried over the dirt. They followed signals only they recognized, trod paths only they saw. A fallen twig loomed over them, severing the insects from their invisible trail, yet they diligently circumvented it, forging a new trail. A rival insect – a lumbering, hulk of a beetle – ventured too close to the colony. Antennae flicked, touched other antennae, unspok
Supernatural: Indecently OddTitle: Supernatural: Indecently Odd
Timeframe: Post S10 E5 (“Fan Fiction”)
Pairings: None
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mild Language
Author's Note: This is inspired by, and the characters' attitudes are taken from, the episode “Fan Fiction”.
Dean contemplated the double-stacked bacon cheeseburger – extra bacon, pickles, ketchup and mustard, thank you very much – with the same reverence others reserved for their beloved. He breathed in the savory aroma of perfectly sizzled beef and fried hickory heaven. Using both hands, he grasped the masterpiece and brought it to his mouth. He closed his eyes.
Sam cleared his throat.
Dean sighed. “Don't ruin the moment, dude.”
“Um, Dean?” Sam's voice was quiet.
Dean glared at his brother. Sam turned a concerned glance to him, then tilted his head in a brief nod at the only other occupant in the bunker. Scowling, Dean glanced down to the end of the library's table, where Castiel
Supernatural: Pastry AbuseTitle: Supernatural: Pastry Abuse
Time Frame: Post S10 E5 (“Fan Fiction”), Sequel to my fic “Indecently Odd”
Pairings: None
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Author's Note: This is the direct sequel to my “Indecently Odd” story, although it can be read alone. Castiel confronts Crowley about his suggestion in the previous fic.
“We've gone over this, Castiel,” Crowley said, staring down at the summoning ritual. He kicked a small puff of dirt at the smoldering remains. “It's called a phone. Use it.”
“Had I done so, you could have ignored it,” Castiel replied, glaring at the demon.
“Me? Never!” Crowley held a hand up to his chest, affecting shock. Dropping his hand, he raised his eyebrows at the angel, the corners of his mouth curving in a slight smile. “You'll never know if you don't try.”
Tightening his lips, Castiel looked aside. “I still do not have you in my contact list.”
Crowley rocked
Supernatural: Heart to HeartlessTitle: Supernatual: Heart to Heartless
Time Frame: Late Season 9
Pairings: None
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mild Language
Author's Note: This is for the May Mayhem Writing Challenge over on Tumblr. My prompt was “Are you drunk?”. The story had to feature Crowley and another character in some sort of relationship (not necessarily a pairing). I chose a form of 'brothers in arms' relationship between Crowley and Castiel, drawing on a commonality that they share (although, in canon, it has not been explored).
Hell was, well, hell. Of course, there were the screams, the fire, the blood, bones and gore. Mundane stuff. The real torture came with the paperwork, the mountains – endless, towering mountains – of paperwork. If it weren't for quality control issues (damned souls were not known for their merits), Crowley would use those stacks as a new torture. However, the bloody work actually needed doing, and doing well. Abaddon had properly screwed Hell over during her thankfull

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Saturday morning (8/15) my husband had a major stroke. He's already gone through one procedure (to remove the clot) and one surgery (for brain swelling). At least one more surgery in the future. He's going to be in the hospital long term, but not sure how long, and not sure what his recovery is looking like. There's a lot of damage to his brain. Long road ahead. I will probably not be on much. 

Please, I would appreciate any prayers, good thoughts or whatever you can give. Thank you. Love you guys.


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Saturday morning (8/15) my husband had a major stroke. He's already gone through one procedure (to remove the clot) and one surgery (for brain swelling). At least one more surgery in the future. He's going to be in the hospital long term, but not sure how long, and not sure what his recovery is looking like. There's a lot of damage to his brain. Long road ahead. I will probably not be on much. 

Please, I would appreciate any prayers, good thoughts or whatever you can give. Thank you. Love you guys.
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Bit of a stressful day. I took my hubby to the ER for severe abdominal pains, stayed there for hours, only to have them tell me all the tests were normal (even as he's still in so much pain that he can barely move). Their prognosis, wait 12-24 hours and if he's still in pain, they'll do it again. Here's hoping he'll feel better before that... :(

I'm sick right now. Anyone else sick? 

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